To get started in planning your wedding at Our Savior’s, take the following steps:

  1. Read through the Frequently Asked Questions to see who may be married at Our Savior’s and information about costs, premarital counseling, and much more.
  2. Check the church calendar to see if other weddings or events are already scheduled for the dates you’d like.
  3. Call the church office (507-385-2180) to check your preferred dates with the office secretary who will then check the pastor’s schedule also.
  4. Print the Wedding Application or request that the church send you a copy.
  5. Complete the Application and mail or deliver it to the church, with payment of your fees.  Once received and approved, your wedding will be placed on the Church calendar and you can begin making arrangements with venders for the reception, photographer, etc.
  6. Read through the Wedding Guide which contains most of the information from the Frequently Asked Questions and more about the premarital counseling and planing with the Pastor, selection of special music, and so on.
  7. Contact the pastor three to six months before your wedding to start premarital counseling and wedding planning.
  8. Don’t hesitate to email or call the church office ([email protected] or 507-385-2180) if you have questions not covered in these materials.