What is Jr. Confirmation?

The last command of our Lord Jesus to His discples was to “make disciples of all nations.” How are we to do this? Our Lord immediately continued, saying “Baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Jesus didn’t stop there. He continued: “and teaching them everything I have commanded you.”

Since the very first Christians, this “teaching” has included what we call “the six chief parts” of the Christian faith. These are: (1) The Ten Commandments, (2) The Lord’s Prayer, and (3) The Apostles’ Creed. We also teach them about (4) Baptism, (5) The Lord’s Supper, and (6) The Office of the Keys which is the special power which Christ gave to His Church to forgive sins.

As a child grows in years, we teach them about our Savior and many of the Bible stories that demonstrate God’s unfailing love toward those who trust in Him. Families should talk about these things at home, but we help them by offering Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and other educational activities.

When a child starts the transition to adulthood, the Church, in obedience to our Lord’s own command, offers classes to formally present to them these Six Chief Parts of the Christian faith. Upon completion, the child is invited to “confirm” what they were taught and have come to believe for themselves. This program of teaching and “confirming” their own faith is called “Confirmation.”

Confirmation is a man-made program intended to fulfill the Lord’s command to make disciples by teaching. In our congregation, we offer Jr. Confirmation for students in 7th and 8th grades. For adults 18 and older, we offer Adult Confirmation which ties many individual elements into one, overall story of salvation.

Throughout our Christian lives, we are constantly learning and confirming what we learn from God’s Word. The rite of Confirmation marks the first time that we do this through a formal, organized presentation of what Christians believe.

Check here regularly for updated schedules, general information, and other ‘helps’ for those currently enrolled in Jr. Confirmation instruction.

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