Growing Up & Growing Out

Our children are maturing in their faith as we draw in those who don’t yet know Jesus.

They are growing in various areas including Growing in Knowledge, Growing in Service, and Growing in Relationships.

Growing in knowledge

Our kids are growing in their knowledge of their Savior. They are learning what God is like, what He has done for them, and what He promises to do. They are learning to use their Bibles to discover what they don’t yet know, to remember what they’ve learned, and to use as a guide in life.

Growing in service

They are following in Jesus footsteps by doing things for others. They make use of the time and abilities they have for the benefit of the church and those in need. In serving they shift their focus off themselves and onto others.

Growing in relationships

In relationships kids are learning their role in the lives of other people. They learn to love and forgive others. They learn to listen and better appreciate them. They also learn to share their own thoughts and encourage one another. They grow in their relationship with God as they talk to Him in prayer and learn to rely on Him.