No matter what your age, there is always more to learn. Between services on Sunday morning we have an education hour for 1 year olds on up through adult. Toddlers (1-2 year olds) meet with their parents upstairs for a learning time just for them. Three year olds through 2nd grade meet on the main floor for opening and then head to classes. Third through 6th graders will have a mix throughout the morning of small group and large group activities. The 7th-8th graders can head to their room downstairs. Classes begin at 9:15am and  finish at 10:15am. The nursery is also available.


PreK-K – Emily Holmen                         1st-6th grade – Megan Maschoff

Sunday School Classes and Teachers

2015 Sunday School Teachers and Helpers
2015 Sunday School Teachers and Helpers

Toddlers – Heather Johnson, Brook Ling

3 year olds – Sue Eichorst

4 year olds – Kaye Holmen

Kindergarten – Amy Mack

1st grade – Jamie Streich

2nd grade – Heather Hoppe, Ann Lauer

3rd grade – Cody Meschke

4th grade – Rebecca Larson, Kristen Mielke

5th & 6th grade – Garry Streich

7th & 8th grade – Deaconess Lisa Brand

High school – Pastor Matheny

Substitute Teachers pictured – Lexie Hislop, Emma Hislop

Office Staff

Sunday School Classes