No matter what your age, there is always more to learn. Between services on Sunday morning we have an education hour for 1 year olds on up through adult. Toddlers (1-2 year olds) meet with their parents upstairs for a learning time just for them. Three year olds through Kindergarten meet on the main floor for opening and then head upstairs to class. First through 5th graders start in the Chapel with music. Then head downstairs to check out the story of the day and then act it out. The 6th-8th graders can head to their room downstairs. Classes begin at 9:15am and  finish at 10:15am. The nursery is also available.


PreK-K – Emily Holmen                         1st-6th grade – Suzie Gangi

Sunday School Classes and Teachers

2015 Sunday School Teachers and Helpers
2015 Sunday School Teachers and Helpers

Toddlers – Laura Matheny

3 year olds – Sue Eichorst

4 year olds – Kaye Holmen

Kindergarten & 1st – Amy Mack

2nd grade – Heather Hoppe

3rd & 4th grade – Cody Meschke

5th grade – Lexie Hislop

6th-8th grade – Garry Streich & Ann Lauer

High school – Pastor Matheny

Office Staff

Sunday School Classes